Tuesday, June 14

Birthday Trauma

11th June

Dear Blog,
I am having massive of feelings that I don't know how to begin this post. I am gonna post days before my Birthday. All those sweet precious memories that happened before the Chaotic incident happened on my Birthday night.

Lets begin with this. 1 of my fellow Star Wars geek friend, Josh Ko was 1 of the organizer of this Hello Kitty Robot show launch. He was so nice to me by giving me tickets so I can attend the event & have fun with it. 

Since I am secretly a fan of Hello Kitty despite the fact that I am known for my 'Darkside'; I went a lil bit crazy for awhile during the event.

I'm loving how they actually set-up the whole place up. Made it look very futuristic like.

The kitties I'm holding in my hand are actually Robot Hello Kitty. You will need to get 1 of those kitties so you are able to enjoy the games there and earn points so can win some cool accessories for your robot.

A close-up photo of my Hello Kitty. These are the accessories that I've won during the game,

12th June

Okay~ So lets move on to the next memory. 

Pikachu put in so much effort to put everything together for my birthday. So he made it in 2 days due to the fasting month. To begin the day, I left house feeling hurt and heartbroken as I had a bad tiff with my mum before I left the house. 

Pikachu knew about it and told me to cheer up. So I was told to wait under the voideck facing away from him. He gave me this Teddy bear which I've wanted it for months. I teared up a bit when I was holding the teddy bear. Every time I received this particular Forever Friends teddy bears; it reminds me of how hurtful I've been thru; reminded me of my past.
Anyways, I was made to hold this bear while I was being blind folded.

So this is how Pikachu surprised me. 1 of the best memories in my life.

When my blindfold was opened, I saw these Awesome chaps!
My Birthday surprise was to play Kite.
I've never played kite before, So I became like abit 'Jakun'
1 of the most memorable event ever.

13th June ( My Birthday )

I began the day with the widest smile on my face. I was looking forward for Part 2 of my Birthday plan. On top of that I was super excited to meet Pikachu & spend time only with him.
I dolled up extra today just cause its my Birthday & also cause I'm seeing someone I love.

I've received amazing news that I got myself featured in the Berita Harian (Malay Newspaper)
How awesome is that? On my Birthday summore!
My night ended with tears and sorrows. My Pikachu fainted. I manage to catch his head before it hit the ground. I rushed him to the hospital. He was unconscious for 15 mins. The Paramedics manage to wake him up. 

This is not how I want to end my night on my birthday summore. *Sighs* what a disastrous night. I'm physically hurt and also emotionally. I'm at a point where I do not know how to even begin to feel my own feelings. I can't think straight due to the massive slaps I've received & my head feels so painful.

I'm going to the doctors today. I can't help it, I think I need to do some medical checkup in case there's any internal injuries.

Ok Done~

Friday, June 3

Summary of Half of 2016


So January had my 1st involvement with the 501st SG Garrison ( Yes, Star Wars)
Even walked in the rain with them just to take care of them. I guess this is a good way to begin my year 2016, making new friends and new culture. I've always been a s Star Wars Fan but I never knew such things existed until I was pulled in by 1 of the recruit officers.


In Feb, I appeared on TV. Yes, on SURIA as 1 of the guests. Did anyone saw me? HAHA!
I look fatter and chubbier now especially on TV. I'm tempted though to go on full-time actress but in SG, I think cannot make it la~ Still need a stable job.


Ever since I participated last year's Run "Shaperun" I've been joining more & more runs~
I honestly, do not know why the sudden interest. Anyways, this was my 1st outdoor run, 'Greencorridoor"
Super tough 10km run but I made it!


See what I mean? This 2XU run is a last minute run I joined. I felt bad for my eldest cousin so technically I joined so can accompany her. HAHA! But hey! Look at the bright side, I manage to complete another 10km. JIIAYOU!


Hello May! My favourite month of the year because of it is the month where Star wars geeks celebrate from all over the world.
This is a big thang for me since I started building my armour so I can be part of 501st Legion.
Its abit hard for me cause I'm petite so I gotta choose my character wisely. In the end chose, Scout Trooper. Well, since I am gonna ride my vespa soon might as well be a Bikerscout HAHA!

I was 1 of the Fashion Scout for the children's fashion show.
I had 1 of the craziest yet fun time there.

I also have been busy working out with this Awesome inspiration movement known as ' Rock The Naked Truth" 
This was introduced by my eldest cousin. It has been an awesome experience for me as we had workouts in public places like in Adidas shop, open space at Bugis area.

I took a short trip to KL to settle my Babybro's wedding inventory list. Yes, My Baby bro is getting married in September. Haiz~ I feel damn shitty about this that I do not know how to react anymore. It is better to keep quiet than say anything because the truth really hurts.

Ok 1 last run before it is the fasting month. 1st run with Pikachu~ I've never run on an empty stomach with me not eating the whole day. Honestly, NOT FUNNY sial~
Lucky this is only 5km run. BUT STILL~ my tummy hurts like fug la sey~
Alhamdulilah~ My Love life have been a smooth one lately. In sha allah~ till Jannah~
I don't wanna say much but my Birthday month is already here. I'm like not looking forward cause always bad things happen.

Anyways, Happy fasting to my dear Muslims!

Ok Done~

Tuesday, November 10


What's life without ups & downs?
If life was easy, we wouldn't call it LIFE.
Unless we were born with gold spoon in our mouth then it will be a different story

I guess Im immune to such mishaps in my life that whenever it hits me, I would just react in the most calm way possible.
What we humans need is FAITH, believe that everything will always be alright in time; it's just a matter on how we deal such mishaps in your life.

Remember to always look up when you're feeling down❤️

I did a Red Riding hood photoshoot this year's Halloween.

No, the wolf is photoshopped,its quite impossible to get a real life wolf

So its school holidays now & bad news for me again that I have to change school again
What rotten luck, its a sign for me to switch jobs, Im working under a cretinous company for the past 3 years
How time flies~
I know Ive promised so many time not to leave my blog dead but hey~
I am trying best not to

Lets end this post with me trying force my cat to selfie ;>

Ok Done~